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How you can HELP

Purple Martins have fascinated human beings since 900 A.D. Over centuries, they have finally learned to trust humans with their lives and well-being; it is not the time to let them down. As a reader and as someone who isn’t part of a significant organization, the real question is what they can do to help.

White Sheet

The 4 Levels of Support:


Reading some of this article to get informed yourself is the first step and more than enough.


This help category would be simply talking about this movement with friends or spreading the word to colleagues to get more people involved. Also, you could follow our social media account (as of now, we are only on Instagram) to stay updated with the purple martin community.


This level of support would be to either donate money to Ott.P.M.A or participate in purple martin events, whether to talk about community issues or spread awareness. (coming soon)


Taking the initiative to take care of a purple martin house and raise a population is the utmost action you can take to help the purple martin community thrive. (only do this if you are willing to help these birds since it can sometimes prove to be a rather big responsibility)


These levels of involvement would significantly help conserve Purple Martins, a unique bird species that has accepted man as a close friend and neighbour.

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