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Taking Off! : Website Finalized and Ready for Action!

TLDR: Our website is finally complete, with many updates and more posts to come! You can help by spreading the word, donating, or volunteering (shoot me an email under CONTACT US ). Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Never would I have imagined at the age of eleven, when I was first introduced to purple martins, that I would be able to make a difference by helping them thrive in our community. In short, the goal of this website is to help educate and inform newer members of the community about purple martins. Everything someone would possibly need to know about these birds to help them thrive is found throughout this website. After extensive research, along with my almost four years of my experience with purple martins, I've been able to include many tips. I would also like to involve more people in our community, whether to spread awareness, fund the project (DONATE HERE!), or possibly take care of more purple martin communities inside of Ottawa.

As of now, we are raising enough money to purchase a purple martin house for the city of Ottawa. The location we will place it is still to be determined since there are quite a few good options.

Anyways, thank you for tuning in for this weeks blog post and I look forward to receiving your questions!


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Thomas Kukla-Colby
Thomas Kukla-Colby
Nov 15, 2021

how much can you bench?

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